Surveying Housing Trajectories

Survey with basic questions concerning dwelling and demographics. pdf download

Goal: To test initial hypotheses designed from interview and observation response.

Audience: Householders within the neighbourhood.

What you need:
– Questionnaires (tick box exercises)
– Writing pens
– Pins
– Cotton/wool/thread
– Coloured pencils
– Maps of varying scales


This exercise includes a written survey, either used in an informal interview setting or left with householders to fill out in their own time. The primary set of questions could investigate residents’ place of origin, current living location, tenure status and dimension of household – basic dwelling questions.

Secondary questions can explore connections to organized groups within the community and the surrounding areas. This tool can be used to test initial hypotheses which may have emerged through observation held prior to this stage. The investigation can be supported with collective mapping exercises, aiming at debating residents’ migration patterns and everyday movements through their city or neighbourhood.


Step 1: Design questions based on the findings of previous tools.

Step 2: Use the questionnaire to guide an informal interview or have residents complete the forms themselves.

Step 3: Use maps as part of the discussion and/or annotate (e.g. everyday movements) where necessary.

Notes for facilitators: If residents are required to read questions through the form of the survey suitable language must be used.