My Community Survey

A survey to gain deeper understanding of the weak and strong points of community life. pdf download

Goal: For a deeper analysis of the existing physical conditions and social relations within and outside the community.

Audience: Teenagers and women.

What you need:
– Printed surveys
– Clipboard
– Writing pens
– Labels/Post-It notes

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The survey is used to gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the existing community life. The survey consists of a series of statements about community life and infrastructure. Statements include topics concerning community life, recreation and safety.

The participants read every statement and indicate if it happens always, sometimes or never. Facilitators should be able to elaborate if required.



Step 1: Prepare the survey. The participant must be able to read every stement and indicate if it happens always, sometimes or never.

Step 2: Implementing the survey: The survey is intended to be done at a one-to-one basis. Look for a quiet and comfortable place to sit down and talk with each participant. Start recording the participant’s name, gender and age and asking general questions about education, work, family life etc. Expalin the format of the survey.

Step 3: Analysing the information: Use the same survey format to add together all answers and record the answer in each box.

A gender comparison can be done collating results from boys and grils together using different colours from each. This will give a visual representation of community life according to gender. The statements should be easy to understand and explain, especially for those who may not be able to read. This tool is recommended to be implemented at later stages of study, a rapport should be readily founded at this time.