Assessing Urban Pressures

Discussion of urban pressures and their impact. pdf download

Goal: To understand residents’ awareness of proposed and ongoing city scale changes and their opinions on the subject.

Audience: All adult residents

What you need:
– Prepared visuals of Environmental and Socio-economic pressures, proposed programmes and projects.
– Notebooks
– Cameras
– Audio devices (if possible)


This tool aims to make residents aware of the ongoing city scale changes that might influence their neighbourhood in the medium and long term whilst simultaneously exploring their individual positions on the subject. A visual is used to spark discussion. Here, relevant issues are structured into the following categories: Environmental pressures, Socio-economic pressures, Programmes and Projects. Residents could then be asked how they relate to ongoing pressures, and if they imagine ongoing projects and programmes to be a threat or an opportunity for the development of their community.


Step 1: Having done extensive policy analysis and spoken with key informants and community members, develop a set of visuals that capture the various urban pressures.

Step 2: Hold a focus group discussion about these different pressures and how residents feel about them.

Step 3: Make sure there is a note taker for each discussion capturing the information.